Year Of The FoOz – May : PandoraMONTH in Borderlands 2

Heyoo Holics!

April is behind us, and what an amazing month it was!
From going neck-deep into the GTA-series, the release of GTAOnline for PC to our partnership with NoScopeGlasses!

First off, thanks to all who stuck around for GTApril and welcome to all the new people we’ve gotten to meet during the past month!
Your support has been a blessing throughout the month. Thank you players! I really enjoyed this month of playing with the Holics on #TeamFoOz.

As you probably have noticed already, the Youtube-channel “” has gone LIVE.
I’ll be taking a quick editing-course from TxSpoon, and you can expect more videos going up in the near future!
Expect videos on: New development, announcements, highlights and compilations to pop up on Youtube.

With the start of a new month, Year-Of-The-FoOz switches to a new monthly theme. I’ve mentioned my interest in mastering some of the off-classes in Borderlands 2, considering most of my playtime was invested in the Siren and Gunzerker classes.
I’ve thought of a few things I want to experience while playing…

A new thing will be each class’ “Trial by Fire”; which I’ll explain more when we are in-game.

Remember the “BNK3R-Challenge”?
That excruciating grind for the Perfect 94% Sham?
Oh yes, we are picking up where we left off; around run #620.

There will be way more in store for you all, and it will be an exciting month!
See you on Twitch, Vaulthunters!


BTW – Make sure to check the last video on FoOzYT on the channel-changes if you are a moderator. Check the video here
Hope to hear from you all!