Year Of The FoOz – June – SoulsMONTH – Prepare for Salt Edition

Greetings #TeamFoOz!

With May ending, we look back upon a nice Month of Borderlands 2.
In all honesty, the things we had planned took more time, and we managed to finish 2 out of the 4 characters.
This leaves us with another option later this year to return to Pandora once again. (For all you Borderlands-Holics out there <3)

I had already worked on the “June-theme” and month activities… … And then you guys decided to void it all.
You hit the Patreon-challenge unlocking SoulsMONTH – Prepare for Salt Edition; voiding my plans instantly.

Here I am. Preparing myself for something I know is going to get… painful.
I plan on going into DarkSouls – with a controller.
This is the worst-genre; with the worst control-scheme for me personally. I prefer Keyboard and mouse + first person…

It’s going to be an interesting month, filled with death, frustration…
Hopefully I can count on you guys for guidance (and point-and-laughter) while I travel into Lordran for my June-destiny.
Gruberbot will keep a close eye on my death-count 😉

One last thing.
The Patreon has been updated with the “Shutdown-by-Chat”-incentive.
It gives the chat the option of shutting me out from outside help ingame.

Time to get Salty.
Hope to see you all for the kick-off later today!
See you Twitch-side, #Team!

-Dennis / FoOz