Year Of The FoOz – July – ValveMONTH – “VolvoPls Edition”

Well shit! Normally I go all formal on these blog-posts…
But not this time!

First of all; I want to thank the Patreon-subscribers who MASSIVELY stood up and themed June “SoulsMONTH”.
If it weren’t for you, I would not have known the awesome that is Dark Souls.

Thank you.

It was an amazing month. For me as a gamer, it was a great challenge to adapt to, and we managed to finish Dark Souls within the month.
We ended up on 199x “Rekt” and beating Gwyn in 3 tries!
For those who missed any of the good stuff; Cameron8161 has highlight ALL of the good fights!
They are on the “FoOzYT”-Youtube for you to enjoy

There is MORE! I’ve updated the Youtube with most of the Highlights that were still saved from the past 3!! years!
Go check them out if you haven’t already; there is some PRIME stuff in there xD

Announcing our main content focus for July!


We’ll be playing some of the most iconic games in PC history; Singleplayer AND Multiplayer.
It’s time to install Team Fortress 2 – Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 – Halflife DM and maybe even Day of Defeat!
Hope to see you all during the casts to create a battlefield \o/

When coming to the Single Player segment.
This is where the Patreon kicks in.

Introducing: Black Mesa!
If we manage to get enough “Subs” , We’ll do a playthrough of the Black Mesa Project!

I’m going to leave you guys with the following thought…

“FoOzTV: “I’ve never played HL1 longer than 2 minutes”.

Hope to see you all return during “ValveMONTH”.