Year Of The FoOz – August/September – Maintenance-MONTHS

Holics! Maintenance!

This blogpost rather feels as if I’m adding salt to an already finished meal…

I could ramble for days on what I have and haven’t done, yet I won’t.
August and September were probably two of the hardest months of my life. My personal life needed some MAJOR attention (still does).
As for my life on Twitch, the channel is changing.

In the past years, I’ve met a lot of people who were enthusiastic about the game I played when they met me. Think of Borderlands, Payday and now TF2.
As a Variety-caster; I’m bound to switch through a lot of different games at any given time. This is something that has always bumped with my returning audience.
They’d rather watch someone else play the same game they like, than watch me play something different.

Only the core Holics (if you read this, you’re probably one of them), have stuck around and aren’t there for the game.
Those are the people I rely on, I get up early for, sleep less to entertain those…
These passed two months held a lot of different things I wanted to work on, yet I’ve only gotten finish a couple.

Fast-forwarding through a lot of randomness I wanted to say…

Brace yourselves. Expect more, expect better and expect it soon.

Thanks for supporting me,