Year Of The FoOz – October & November – Fallout-mode engaged!


Stack up on Nuka-Cola and get your bottle-cap collection off the shelve!
For all the fans of the series, get ready.

The following EIGHT weeks are going to be Fallout-filled!
We’ll be starting our first play-through of “Tales of Two Wastelands” – a mod which combines Fallout 3 and NV into a single game.
Looting, scavenging, lots of molerats and mirelurks, and maybe even some Blackjack…

All of this is done in preparation for November.

With the release of Fallout 4 in week 2 of November, we’ll be ready with our Pipboy-edition pre-order.
Can’t wait for this to go down, this game is super awesome.

Now on to more serious business.
I’ve cleared the Patreon of inactive Patreons. Within the near future, we’ll do a weekly/monthly Patreon segment on the channel.
Also; I’m going to start introducing the audience to the new style of shows and casting that we will morph into over time, hope you like it.

Please feel free to always contact me with suggestions and/or feedback. I hardly hear from my audience, so it’s hard to please them.

Consider the blog to be active again, also the schedule-page will be fuming soon.
Irregular working-times still won’t allow me to do an “8pm Daily”-schedule, however I’ll make sure that you can always see when the show starts over at fooz.tv/schedule

Working hard or hardly working…
You decide 😀

Thank you for the support <3