Out with the Patreon; In with the Gamewisp!


First of all, thank you for reading this.
With this blogpost, I wish to inform you about a drastic change within our Community.

I’ve created entertainment on Twitch as a non-partnered streamer for almost 4 years. Within this time, the channel has seen highs, but most certainly also its lows.
In my mind, getting my partnership-applications denied ten times, was hard to handle as a person who is proud of what he does. It was hard time after time.
We started looking for different ways of establishing our community on Twitch and search for different solutions to our non-partnered problems.
Things like FrankerFaceZ, which offers our fooztv-emote-pool and our Patreon-Campaign.

The Patreon has always been a substitution for not being able to “subscribe” to the channel in a monetary way. The pledges made accounted towards group incentives which we celebrated on stream.

Lately, Patreon has decided that the fee you pay over your pledge had to be a bigger portion of your pledge than before. An understandable decision from Patreons perspective, since a lot has changed since they started.
Last week however, when Patreon reported a security-breach in their database, I started looking for alternatives.
DukatNaranek (Follow a Holic) pointed me to Gamewisp.

You should see Gamewisp as an independent combination between Patreon and the Twitch-Subscription-System.
It has a better and more secure financial structure than Patreon, and offers a lot more as a service in total.

Overall Gamewisp offers the perfect solution for medium-sized communities like ours who are looking for a service in-between Patreon and Twitch.

I’ve contacted all patreons through the Patreon Message system. I plan on monitoring the transfer from Patreon to Gamewisp closely, and will continually message those who are still patreoned towards the end of this week and offer support and information on transferring if needed.

I’m sure this change will benefit us, and allows me to “Do more in return” to your subscriptions.

Keep an eye out on the twitter and our Discord server!
Winds of change are inbound.


P.S Almost forgot : to add yourself to the Sub Club