Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3

Spoon here! So, it’s been a while since release. I think it’s time to review!

I picked up Just Cause 3 on release, not something I normally do. However, I had so much fun in Just Cause 2 and the later released Muli-player Mod that I just couldn’t help myself. Luckily, by the time the game had downloaded and installed (vpn from work is great!) there was already a patch to fix some issues. Mainly framerate things but luckily I didn’t have to experience that.

I’ll be blunt. If you liked Just Cause 2 and spend more time fucking around than doing story missions you’ll really enjoy this title. Also, the added wing suit takes some getting used to but my god once you’ve mastered it it’s awesome!

The main portions of this game are liberating towns, military installations, story missions, challenges, and collectibles.

  • Liberating towns can get repetitive as they are pretty much all the same, yet can be a nice break from causing random mayhem.
  • Military installations are fun as it seems most pose a different threat or need a different tactic to complete. Some are massive and complicated while others are just small outposts. I prefer to hack SAM sites first on foot then cause mayhem. When choppers get called in, the hacked SAM sites take care of them real quick.
  • Story missions are ok. Not a lot of substance, but with a huge sandbox game it’s just a small portion of what you’re spending time on.
  • Challenges allow you to unlock mods. These mods range from weapon improvements to grappling hook improvements. Not my favorite system and some can be difficult but just like the liberation of towns they can break up the monotony or give you something else to focus on for a bit.
  • Collectibles are scattered all over the place. They unlock a few handy things such as unlimited fast travel.

Honestly I’ve had a blast messing around in this game. I’ve still got so much left to do and so much left to unlock. Cars, helicopters, planes, boats, etc. but dammit I’m going to have a blast doing it!