The Host…
I am a 33y/o entertainer from the Netherlands who has been playing a wide variety of games for most of my childhood and continuing to experience new games into adulthood. From “Home-consoling” on the NES or PS1, to UT99 on PC, YoungFoOz has enjoyed a very digital livelihood. Along the way it became clear that I was drawn to games displayed in the “First-Person-spectrum”. The high-paced action seen in the early games of the Call of Duty-series, Team Fortress 2 and Unreal always had a natural feel.

The Channel…
FoOztv is many things, but most importantly a channel with a passionate, caring, and engaging community. It’s a great place to drop by and relax after a long day of work or school. You can tune in and get the latest game strategies and tips and the community of viewers and moderators create a great atmosphere for learning and sheer entertainment. Many of the viewers have become long-time friends and new friendships are being made on and off-cast every day. We strive to provide a laid back environment that encourages and entertains the masses for a long time to come.

My goal…
Making “Ftv” as enjoyable and entertaining to watch by combining quality game-play and an atmosphere of friends on the channel and in the chat. I’ve met a lot of great people through gaming that I now call close friends. You can never have a list of good friends that is too long.

The Deets

Name: Dennis
Age: 33
Location: The Netherlands
Casting Since
Early 2012

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